HeartLab co-creates events and community to promote human awareness and growth, to connect more deeply with ourselves and others, in furtherance of personal to global healing.


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HeartLab is an event space and healing center that collaborates with amazing individuals like yourself to create unique and meaningful events.
We are the container, a 1000 square-foot room with pure potential for whatever your heart and mind can imagine. Our space is unique in that we supply much of what you need; tea, floor chairs, a surround sound music system and much more.
We love supporting connection, community, awareness and healing experiences. If your event or retreat aligns with these pillars, let’s make magic together.
We host everything from retreats, parties, workshops and groups, concerts and performances, photography, cuddle parties, birthdays, the sky is the limit!

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HeartLab is a laboratory to explore connection community learning healing awareness service beauty growth delight

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